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Steering Committee
    Rich and Barb Blatchford, Treasurer and Social Chair
    Scott and Suzanne Duncan
    Charlie and Diane Jacobson, Founders
    Ed Hibner and Barb Krasiecko
    Robert and Marilyn Paluszak, Club Leader and Website 
    George Sonnichsen
    Larry and Bev Wehrheim
    Frank and Joan Kraft, Emeritus

The Worldwide Foreign Travel Club was created by Charlie Jacobson in 2008 to provide a forum for people who have had the opportunity to enrich their lives through experiencing other cultures and customs around the world.  A dynamic, member-driven club, we are loosely guided by a volunteer steering committee to best accommodate all of our travel schedules.  Meetings reflect the generous donations of time and memories from members who share their experiences with each other and with any residents who wish to attend.

Our mission is to promote understanding and appreciation of the world outside the United States.


  • To encourage Villagers to broaden their horizons and explore different countries and cultures.
  • To provide a forum for members to share information, pictures and memorabilia from our varied travel experiences.
  • To exchange unbiased, noncommercial information about our personal experiences with various airlines, hotels, tour operators, etc.