2020 (See instructions below to join a Zoom meeting)

  • January 2 | Charlie & Diane Jacobson; Traversing the Panama Canal
  • January 16 | Mike Mocella; France (Northeast: Alsace-Lorraine)
  • February 6 | Scott & Suzanne Duncan; Turkey
  • February 20 | Dr. Sidney Soclof; Uruguay
  • March 5 | Meeting Cancelled
  • March 8 | Annual Social: Poland
  • Recreation Center meetings cancelled until September
  • March 19 | No meeting
  • April 2 | No meeting
  • April 16 | No meeting
  • May 7 | No meeting
  • May 21 | Online meeting:  Dr. Sidney Soclof; History of the Panama Canal
  • June 4 |  Online meeting: Travel Tips, Stories and General Q&A
  • June 18 | Online meeting: Mike Mocella; Burgundy (France)
  • July 2 | Online meeting: Debut of new WWFTC website and Favorite Travel Websites, moderated by Robert Paluszak
  • July 16 | Online meeting: George Sonnichsen; Adventure in the High Arctic: The Circumnavigation of Spitzbergen (A prior talk, revisited)
  • August 6 | Online meeting: Four lesser known European cities: Meteora (Greece, George Sonnichsen), Lucca (Italy, Scott and Suzanne Duncan); Zaragoza (Spain, Charlie & Diane Jacobson) and Ghent (Belgium, Robert and Marilyn Paluszak)
  • August 20 | No meeting
  • September 3 | Online meeting: The walled city of Paris — then and now; Mike Mocella
  • September 17 | No meeting
  • October 1 | Online meeting: UK Narrow Boats, Al Brown; Freighter voyage across the Pacific by Robert & Marilyn Paluszak
  • October 15 | No meeting
  • November 5 | Online meeting: The Falkland Islands, A long way to go to fight a war; Dr. Sidney Soclof
  • November 19 | No meeting
  • December 3 | Online meeting: The Unknown Notre Dame (Paris): history, architecture and iconography; Mike Mocella
  • December 17 | No meeting

How our club’s Zoom meetings work

Zoom allows members to watch and listen to a presentation from the comfort of their homes. You do not have to activate the camera or microphone (mic) on your device if you have them. You can sit back, watch and listen. If you are new to Zoom, keep reading to see how our meetings work; and then learn how you can attend: “Guidance for downloading Zoom,” and “When you are ready to join a meeting.”

When you first join a Zoom meeting, you may be placed in a waiting room for a while until the meeting begins. We recommend joining the meeting 5-10 minutes early in case you have technical problems.

The Moderator will mute the mics of all participants (except for the Moderator and Presenter).  Your device must have a mic for you to ask questions during the Q&A session following the presentation. If you are joining us from a desktop or laptop without a microphone, you can still watch and listen to the presentation, but you will have to type questions using the chat feature. 

Everyone will be able to hear what the Moderator and Presenter say, but not what anyone else says. Prior to the presentation, the Moderator will make some introductory remarks.  When the Presentation is finished, the Q&A/Discussion Session will begin. During Q&A, participants may ask questions (or make comments) one at a time, when called on by the Moderator.  You can indicate your desire to ask a question or make a comment by typing the word “Question” in the Zoom chat area; or by using the “raise your hand” indicator. Questioners will be called on in the order they type the word “Question” in the chat tool.

When a questioner is called on, the Moderator will unmute that person’s mic; and mute it again when the next questioner is called.  Please do not speak until the Moderator has called on you, even if your mic is enabled early. 

New to Zoom?

Zoom is a safe and fun way to keep participating in club events during the pandemic’s stay-at-home days. We highly recommend that all beginners read the information below BEFORE joining their first meeting. Accessing Zoom is a two step process: (1) you must download Zoom at least an hour before the meeting (see “Guidance for Downloading Zoom”); and (2) you must use the information in the email announcement to join the meeting (see “When you are ready to Join the Meeting”).

Downloading Zoom to your device at least an hour before the meeting will greatly increase your odds of success. 

Guidance for Downloading Zoom

If you have not previously downloaded the Zoom Application onto your computer, do so at least one hour before the meeting, using the following instructions:

For PCs: Download Zoom app for Windows or Mac using the following link


For mobile devices: Download Zoom from the application store on your mobile device (App Store for IOS; Google Play for Android) 

After you download Zoom, try testing it using  https://zoom.us/test. (Sometimes this test doesn’t work; don’t worry.)

When you are ready to join the meeting (but not more than a half hour before):

  • Find the WWFTC email containing the link to the meeting.
  • On PCs (Windows and Macs): Turn off all other applications but Zoom and your email tool.
  • Open the meeting announcement and click on the link to the Zoom meeting.
  • Select “Allow” when your PC asks “Do you want to allow this page to open “zoom.us”?”
  • If you try to join before the host has enabled the meeting you will see a message to wait. 
  • Once the host/organizer has enabled the meeting you will be in a “Wait Room” until the Moderator and Presenter are ready to begin.
  • Join with Audio when prompted.
  • On mobile devices, select “Call using Internet Audio.”