Search by country, presenter/s’ last name, or year the presentation was given.

Searching is a brand new feature for the WWFTC website. All of our prior presentations have been saved and tagged so you can look them up. Just type your inquiry in the space above and click SEARCH. We have yet to pay the big money for a complex search feature so don’t try looking for a new set of golf clubs or expect bells and whistles. We are data entering all former presentations but 12 years worth is a LOT of individual posts/tags but we are making a dent in that chore.

History. If you use the History tab under Calendar, you will be brought to the previous year and a list of all meetings, in reverse chronological order (meaning the most recent is on top and the oldest is on the bottom). Each year is another page and there are links to all prior years’ pages. The link that is grayed out is the year you are viewing. The math is yours to do …. page 1 is currently 2019; making page 2 the page for 2018; page 3, for 2017, etc.

Archives. As a cross-reference tool, we have always had a second list of prior presentations linked in through the old mapping pages. Those pages are now available under Calendar/Archives. Click that tag on the menu and you will find a page with seven links, one for each continent. The old pages are PDF files.